Last summer's LPS Pro Musica concerts drew new audiences to concerts and offered an additional way to enjoy the magic of professionally performed, live classical music.  This series of elegant and intimate chamber music is presented under the artistic direction of pianist Navah Perlman.  2017 artists participating included Ms. Perlman, piano; Jia Kim and Christine Lamprea, cello; Areta Zhulla, Lousha Fang and Daniel Szasz, violin; Amitai Vardi, clarinet and Cynthia Watson, oboe.   This series is presented with support from the Cloudsplitter Foundation which has also generously underwritten the piano costs for the 2017 season.   

2018 dates will be posted soon, last summers dates with links to concert programs are listed below.


July 10, 7 PM at the Hand House, Elizabethtown, NY 

July 11 7:30 PM at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts

August 7 8 PM at the Keene Valley Congregational Church, Keene Valley NY

August 8 7:30 PM at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts


 The cost of the piano for the 2017 season has been generously underwritten by the Cloudsplitter Foundation.

Cloudsplitter Foundation